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"mtv makes me want to smoke crack." -beck

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"i just happen to be here, and it's okay." -caetano veloso

"sing a simple song but keep the swing strong." -de la soul

"think straight, keep a clean plate." -joanna newsom

"keep a clean nose, watch the plain-clothes." -bob dylan

"keep your feet warm, but keep your clothes on." -harry nilsson

"it took me about three or four weeks to toilet train my cat, nightlife. most of the time is spent moving the box very gradually to the bathroom." -charles mingus

"think about something else. was art tatum talented?" - shoot the piano player

"she had a chihuahua named carlos that had some kind of skin disease and was totally blind." -tom waits

"he had a huge room with nothing in it except this huge vast hammond organ, right next door to the police." -david bowie

"he's got a mind like a sewer, and a heart like a fridge" -elvis costello

"you can't hold the hand of a rock 'n' roll man." -joni mitchell

"lou's jukebox spun for love and many other things, too – beauty, pain, history, courage, mystery" - laurie anderson

"hey there, hey now, well, you can make a pacemaker blink, easy thing, make a man's heart go bibbity bom. -john cale

"i’ve still got things inside me, sad things, happy things, that people don’t know about." -loretta lynn

"to try to maximize the relationship of listening to a record through promotion is like experiencing driving a car by reading about stimulus programs." -bonnie 'prince' billy

"after cheesecake with all of your friends and family, who's gonna front the bill? me... say you want to take first-class trips, well i want to work those first-class hips. yes i do." -r. kelly

"too much cheesecake too soon! old money's better than new" -roxy music

"my mother used to tell me about vibrations. to think that invisible feelings, invisible vibrations existed scared me to death." -brian wilson

"i'm a lunatic, and you are so super cool." - george jones

"i'm an idiot for you." -iggy pop

"i mean every letter in the words in the sentences of my quotes." -lil' wayne

"lyrics choochoo from my mouth like locomotion." - pato banton

"i'm going to boogie my scruples away." -lowell george

"i drive a rolls-royce, cause it's good for my voice." -t.rex

"i'm dealing in rock and roll. i'm not a bonafide human being." -phil spector

"phil approached me with a bottle of kosher red wine in one hand and a .45 in the other, put his arm around my shoulder and shoved the revolver into my neck and said, 'leonard, i love you.' i said, 'i hope you do, phil.'" -leonard cohen

"they’d whisper at each other and look at phil and whisper at each other. finally this lady, tanked, comes over to phil and says, 'alright, sonny, what’s your problem?' and he said, 'premature ejaculation, what’s yours?'" -tom wolfe

"i bite my nails and if that fails i go get myself stoned, but when i do i think of you and head myself back home." -gram parsons

"i would say groucho marx, to name one thing, and willie mays, and the second movement of the jupiter symphony, and louis armstrong’s recording of potatohead blues, swedish movies, naturally. sentimental education by flaubert, marlon brando, frank sinatra, those incredible apples and pears by cézanne, the crabs at sam wo’s, tracy’s face." -woody allen

"where have you been all my life?" -emmylou harris, to my brother tommy

brian eno songs that will make good book titles for my 10-volume memoir, in order: here he comes, baby's on fire, golden hours, brutal ardour, taking tiger mountain, events in dense fog, through hollow lands, some of them are old, everything merges with the night, dead finks don’t talk

ry cooder albums that every man should own: into the purple valley, boomer's story, paradise and lunch

"really, we don't want people twiddling their goatees over our stuff." -radiohead

thelonious monk's middle name: sphere

#1 song on the white album (tie): long long long, happiness is a warm gun

"the only word is love." -john lennon

"i love songs about horses, railroads, land, judgment day, family, hard times, whiskey, courtship, marriage, adultery, separation, murder, war, prison, rambling, damnation, home, salvation, death, pride, humor, piety, rebellion, patriotism, larceny, determination, tragedy, rowdiness, heartbreak and love. and mother. and god." -johnny cash

"i could even find it in my heart to love mike love." -belle & sebastian

"the moon is clear, the sky is bright, i'm happy as the horse's shite." -the pogues

"i hope that you all out there, young, old, tall, short, fat or thin, quick or slow, no matter what kind or color or shape or person you are, if you like to make music, why, go ahead.” -pete seeger

"chuck berry isn't merely the greatest of the rock and rollers, or rather, there's nothing mere about it. say rather that unless we can somehow recycle the concept of the great artist so that it supports chuck berry as well as it does marcel proust, we might as well trash it." -robert christgau

mashable says about us: "expect the unexpected with this awesome gem. groovy." and 33 1/3: "nice to have someone steer me in a worthwhile direction"

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burrito brother gram, the man, at a taco stand.

burrito brother gram, the man, at a taco stand.

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#1020: the middle of the road - talk of all the u.s.a. (1972)

perfect for today: the united states of america, by the middle of the road, wearing bad suits, in front of lots of microphones. toe-tapping fun.

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#971: procol harum - repent walpurgis (pop2, 1971)

friends and strangers! jews and gentiles! sinners and innocents! follow the advice of these mustachioed goy prog rockers and repent—but ignore the part about walpurgis, which as far as i can tell is a reference to the ancient northern walpurgisnacht, the wrong holiday in the wrong season with definitely the wrong vibe. gut tontif, good yom tov, and most of all gut yahntiv.

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cisco houston album covers that are better than everyone else’s: this land is my land—american work songs with cisco houston, sam eskin, woody guthrie & leadbelly

cisco houston album covers that are better than everyone else’s: this land is my land—american work songs with cisco houston, sam eskin, woody guthrie & leadbelly

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#966: the move - beautiful daughter (1970)

unbeatable mustaches, possible ancient-sanskrit undertones, a sunburst acoustic guitar, and on the original recording an introductory field recording with the line “do you like reggae? it’s my music,” which my dad used to say to me over and over. what more you could ask from the band that would become electric light orchestra, i honestly don’t know.

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#958: allen toussaint - hey little girl and professor longhair lessons (1980s)

it’s true that allen toussaint arranged all the horns on the band’s last waltz, produced dr. john’s best album and history’s most romantic song about rain, wrote the nation’s happiest song about working in a coal mine, wrote otis redding’s most painful song about pain, was single-handed responsibly for the meters (his old house band), handled a&r for the beautiful minit record label, and made from a whisper to a scream in his spare time, but the real reason we should bow down is his speaking voice. his is the only adam’s apple with its own mustache.

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#956: kate bush - babooshka (1980, on french tv)

is this the best air-punching in a french music video for a u.s. pop song with a different american video? it is, because kate bush knew what to do. come for the beautifully deconstructed schmaltz, stay for jazz hands, a giant figure skater on a green screen, the moon, a sparkling cape, and the last-minute mustachioed man in a 19th century sailor suit.

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#945: otis redding - lover’s prayer (1966)

the super groovy music video spectacular is thrilled to announce a five-year joint investigation bringing together the metropolitan museum of art’s costume institute, the stax museum of american soul music in memphis, tennessee, and new york’s  paley center for media to begin to determine how otis redding was able to combine high-waisted red pants and the world’s best left hand gesticulations with such pure and gruesome and unextinguished and knee-buckling soul singing in this mid-60s television clip. it’s going to take a lot of imaginary work, but it will be worth it.

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#918: curtis mayfield - freddie’s dead (1973, live)

death to all other opening drum rollers! a hex on the houses of other hat wearers, soul stirrers, and beard growers! no man, no man at all, will know such wahwahing. freddie is dead but mayfield lives on forever.

update: ask binky griptite and mavis staples, they’ll tell you the very same thing.

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#856: laurindo almeida & the modern jazz quartet - one note samba (1964)

the wonderfully sneering, dead-eyed, condescending, jowly, ahistorical and nearly-charming idiocy of the introduction (“i don’t think any instrument has received quite such maltreatment in recent years or perhaps ever as the guitar, the once noble instrument which has now been appropriated by almost any teenager who can learn three chords”), is outmatched only by the same announcer’s cruel and curious postscript denouncement of guitar picks. but nothing he says matters, because together the modern jazz quartet and the guitarist laurindo almeida sound like the please hold music at the pearly gates. it is very nice.

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#845: delaney & bonnie & friends (george harrison and eric clapton) - poor elijah (1969, live)

the super groovy music video extravaganza’s official george harrison documentary policy: instead of watching a premium cable television movie about the most dignified beatle directed by a man who should have ceased all music documentary work after the last waltz because it could not possibly have been improved upon (although i saw no direction home in its entirety in a movie theater alone and got pretty emotional), watch this live 1969 delaney & bonnie & friends clip on repeat until the truth of george harrison’s mustache reveals itself to you in all its universal loving splendor. late-60s eric clapton up there knows what i’m talking about, don’t you late-60s eric?

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#841: the main ingredient - everybody plays the fool (1972)

not all songs delivered to suicidally-morose cuckolds are textured, but this one’s textured. it is satin. no, it’s mohair. no, it isn’t even mohair, it’s mustache. shampooed and conditioned mustache.

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#833: the faces - stay with me (1971, bbc)

sometimes young rod stewart twirls the microphone stand, but some days the stand twirls rod. have you ever stopped to think about that?

of course you haven’t, it makes absolutely no sense. but neither does a toilet bowl-shaped guitar, and neither does the terrifying fact that rod stewart was once so egregiously glamorous and gritty. it was a post-mick, open-shirt, canine-coiffed kind of glamor and grit, back when rod was stomping around with that ugly genius ron wood in the faces, after the faces were called the small faces, but before stand-twirling stewart was a mediocre crooner fathering second-tier reality stars.

stay with us, young rod.

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#758: pete drake - forever (1964, live)

pete drake’s pedal steel guitar can make the mightiest mustache quiver. his twang is the twang of lust and lassoes and loss. in fact, if you really want to be specific, pete drake is the sound of the minutes between 4:28 a.m. and 4:51 a.m., when night becomes morning and tongues start tasting unwashed. put forever on and it’ll be slightly less horrible—although the pitch of his talkbox is so creepy that i really am surprised no one’s sampled it yet. after you get some sleep, listen to his playing on bob dylan’s nashville albums, or george harrison’s all things must pass, or tracy nelson’s mother earth, or porter wagoner songs, and then, to seal the deal, watch this wagoner video.

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